I have worked for over 20 years in TV, Advertising and Film working as a Writer and Director.

In Advertising, it all started with a best new director nomination at Cannes for directing duo Daddy formed with Jeff Ford creating and shooting comedy commercials and since then I have done so on my own for many worldwide clients including a viral so bloomin popular it got on the TV.  Genius.

One of my feature film scripts Adland was funded by the BFI and developed with and so very nearly made with Liberty Films. My fourth is nearly finished, the kids book just needs an illustrator and the TV drama in the pipeline.

The first job proper job was at MTV , a great place to start. Like college with better personal hygiene, Directing promos with superstars which led to Channel4, tons of Gold Promax Awards and learning how to offline edit.

And whilst the ambition to be a dead rockstar luckily never quite paid off I'm still singing and playing in the band.